What is my “root cause”?

As a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, you’ll hear me use the term “root cause” to explain how we need to address your condition. There are reasons for your symptoms and although prescription medications can relieve those symptoms, they typically do not address the reason why you have the condition. Through our conversation, medical history review and labs, I’ll help you pinpoint where things went wrong, so we can correct them.

Through this process, we may find where imbalances started, such as:

  • a course of antibiotics that destroyed intenstinal health, leading to immune system dysfunction and digestive disorders,
  • overuse of NSAIDs (pain relievers), steroids or other harmful medications, causing injury,
  • emotional trauma or chronic stress that has depleted essential nutrients and caused neurotransmitter and hormonal imbalance,
  • restrictive diets that over time caused serious nutrient deficiencies, loss of metabolism and energy,
  • drastic change of life (menopause, birth of children, loss of sleep, overwork) that now requires a different plan to address.

Most of the time, root cause affects the digestive tract where nutrients (and toxins) are absorbed, the immune system resides and hormones make their important transitions. If we don’t address the cause, your condition could manifest into other issues, despite the fact that a medication has removed the symptom. We often think that we have multiple conditions when, in fact, these conditions are all tied to the same “root cause”.

Getting started is as easy as reaching out to me, so I can send you the proper intake forms. These forms will help paint the picture of who you are as an individual and assist me in identifying the problem. If labs are needed or available, we can take a closer look at your biochemistry and what you personally need in a nutrition and/or supplement plan. I look forward to helping you find the answers!

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