Ulta Lab Testing

Ulta Lab Testing

Ulta Lab Tests provide you with comprehensive blood panels, which enable you to monitor your wellness and to be proactive in the prevention of disease. Ulta Lab Tests provide you with convenient, comprehensive, confidential and affordable laboratory testing. Sample collection may be from your local lab, mobile phlebotomist or "finger stick" method from home, depending on the panel.

Inspired Health Foundation Panel — Highly recommended panel targets important information that helps me to help you on your health journey.

Inspired Health Thyroid Plus (Complete Panel) — Includes markers and co-factors that are often missed in finding root cause of thyroid hormone imbalance.

Candida Yeast Panel — Intestinal fungal overgrowth is often the root cause of hormonal imbalance, leaky gut, inflammation, food cravings, chronic fatigue and inability to lose weight.

Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy, Total, Immunoassay — Common deficiency connected to hundreds of body functions including healthy sleep, hormones, muscles, bones, nerves, immune system and thyroid.

Food Sensitivity Panels — 96 Foods or 184 Foods by Alletess completed with a self-collection ("finger stick") method.

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