Lab Testing

Lab Testing

Orders and results are given under the direction of a certified functional medicine practitioner. Follow-up consultations are provided by Inspired Health nutrition coaches. We may also work in tandem with your physician or connect you with other practitioners in the community if needed. We currently offer the following panels:

  • Foundation Panel – We highly recommend this panel in conjunction with all others to avoid missing important information that helps us to help you and provides correct next steps.
  • Thyroid Function Complete Panel
  • Candida Yeast Panel
  • Leaky Gut & Food Sensitivity Panels – Choose 96 or 184 foods
  • Adrenal, Basic and Comprehensive Plus Hormone Panels

Orders and results are given under the direction of Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Dr. Brett Allen, DC.

Foundation Panel

Identifies important nutrient deficiencies, evaluates organ function and makes it possible to identify underlying causes to many chronic conditions and diseases. $314.50
Thyroid Add-On: $118.50 / $93.50 (follow-up)

Thyroid Function Panel Stand-Alone (Complete)

Identifies six common thyroid issues that may be present and often overlooked. $151 / $126

Thyroid Function Panel plus Nutritent Deficiency

Includes tests for ferritin, magnesium, vitamin D, 25-Hydoxy and Zinc. $228 / $203

Candida (Yeast)

Identifies levels of Candida yeast antibodies and whether an overgrowth is present. $98

"Leaky Gut" and Food Sensitivity

Identifies levels of antibodies present to foods that can spark chronic conditions like digestive disorders and autoimmune diseases. 96 and 184 food panels. $146 and $234 respectively.

Hormone Panels

  • Adrenal (DHEA and 4 Cortisol levels timed throughout the day) $250
  • Basic Hormone (Estrogen 2, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA, and Cortisol) $250
  • Comprehensive Plus (Estrogen 1, 2 and 3, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA, and 4 Cortisol levels timed throughout the day) $330

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