Ameenah Asante

Ameenah Asante

Life Coach, Women’s Events Coordinator — Ameenah is a transformational life coach, educator, master trainer, author and health and wellness professional. She is originally from East Lansing, Michigan and attended Florida State University. Ameenah moved to Japan in 2002 and happily made Tokyo her home until 2017, where she founded the coaching company, Repower Global Vantage, several dance companies and a dynamic following in the fitness and wellness. Over the last decade, she has facilitated trainings and retreats in Life coaching,health-wellness, dance, and fitness world-wide in countries such as Australia, Austria, Sweden, Japan and in many major cities throughout the United States. Ms. Asante holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Japanese, a master’s degree in International

About Repower Global Vantage — Repower was founded on the belief that every soul, when born into this life has everything it needs tobe whole, happy and fulfill its life’s purpose. Each baby is spiritually complete when it comes into the world but over time, as the child experiences life and learns, its knowledge of its true self and purpose becomes lost and most of everything its soul once “knew” becomes questioned and/or forgotten. For humankind, the result is often a lifetime of acquiring things and people and going about life in ways to make us temporarily feel better when all we ever needed to live our best lives was inside of us all along. We just need to uncover it. The goal of the Repower Movement is not to gain “new” power but to activate and authentically live out that which we were born with and is already inside of us. Every second of our precious lives is an opportunity to live out this power to create our own individual success, exactly as we see fit.

Her Words — What if there was a moment when you woke up and realized that everything you want in this life is obtainable? Every dream. Every vision. Even the desires you didn’t even know you have are available to you and the components needed to actualize each one of them are actually already in the palm of your hand. — You only need to “open” your hand.

I can pinpoint the exact moment in my youth when the skies opened up for me and I realized that the Divine placed me on this earth for a purpose-filled life. I could see with clear vision the beauty that is life, the light in me, as well as in every living thing. As a lifetime educator, I’ve helped men and women around the world navigate through the maze of life and locate their perfect path to self love, acceptance, relationships, business, parenting, health, spirituality, healing and overall success and happiness.

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