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Organic Teas

Support wellness and positive self-care habits through organic teas for a healthy and balanced life.

English BreakfastA full-bodied, lively and awakening blend with a rich malty flavor and hints of currants and caramel.
Chamomile MedleyCalming and relaxing herbal ensemble with soothing hints of lemongrass and mint, make this a delightful way to relax at the end of the day.
Peppermint SageA rejuvenating blend featuring sweet peppermint, clarifying sage and calming lavender. A hint of licorice soothes the throat. A naturally caffeine-free cup of tranquility.
Masala ChaiA customer favorite! Strong, full-bodied black tea layered with deeply aromatic traditional chai spices.
Dandelion DetoxA unique blend featuring slimming Pu’er and oolong teas, roasted dandelion root, cinnamon and ginger.

10-pack of individually wrapped silk sachets, each for a strong and balanced 8-12 oz cup. $12.00 + s/h

Make it a gift set!

Let us make it a variety pack with a soothing eye pillow or include them in one of our popular gift sets! Handcrafted gift card included!

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