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Nutrigenomics, also known as nutritional genomics, is the science that studies the interaction between the nutrients we eat and our genes. Knowing more about your unique genetic makeup can help you find the optimal diet for your health, wellness, fertility and even your fitness!

The HealthPlus+ Test focuses on 77 genetic markers for clients who are pursuing personalized nutrition for general well-being and optimal health. Since your DNA never changes, you only need this test once!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take a Nutrigenomix test?
The HealthPlus+ test is intended for non-pregnant and non-nursing adults only. A fertility version of the report can be requested for women who are pregnant. Overall, the advice in the Nutrigenomix reports are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any medical condition or disease. It is intended for general health and wellness purposes only. Additional information is used (see below) for clients who require a specific nutrition plan based on certain diseases or conditions.

Do I need a consultation session in addition to the lab report?
As a clinical nutritionist, Carla can use the information from the Nutrigenomix report – combined with knowledge of your current dietary and fitness habits, preferences or restrictions – to help guide you. She can provide the following:

✔ A personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan, that takes into account restriction and/or supplementation based on other factors, such as illness, stress, lifestyle or stage of life, which will be assessed from your health history and/or other lab work.

✔ Food solutions and alternatives, ensuring that nutritional needs are met in a high-quality diet.

✔ Meal ideas and recipes to help you think outside the box and add variety to your menu.

How is my DNA collected?

You will receive a simple saliva collection kit in the mail. Printed instructions are included with each test kit and postage is paid to return your sample. Reports are available about 2 weeks after the lab has received the sample.

How will my personal information be protected?

Each DNA kit is marked with a unique barcode so no personal identifying information is stored at our lab. Only your practitioner will be able to link your barcode to your information. All genetic data is sent through a secure 256-bit encryption server. You can request to have your DNA sample and genetic data destroyed after testing if you wish. The lab only stores DNA samples for future use when new test panels become available, so that you have the opportunity to purchase a new test panel at a discounted rate. Nutrigenomix will never reveal client information or genetic data to a third party except as required to provide the services requested, or as required by law. Please note that they do not test for any markers that can be used to determine paternity, identify relatives or identify an individual (e.g. for forensics).

How can the HealthPlus+ test help me?

If you want to reach your goals faster, more efficiently and for the long-term, then this is a wise investment in your health. You will learn about any nutrients that you may not convert properly, toxins you may not breakdown, and vitamins that you may not utilize efficiently. You will finally know if the food you eat is enough or if you’re spending money on supplements you do not need. If you’re trying to lose weight (or gain weight), you’ll learn the best percentages of protein, carbs and fats your body needs. In fact, studies showed that people lost more weight long-term when they followed personal DNA-based dietary advice. You can also learn:

✔Information about caffeine consumption and caution needed in regard to risk of heart disease, anxiety, and high blood pressure.

✔ The connection between your diet, your genes, and disease prevention.

✔ How to eat to reach your athletic performance, weight loss, or body composition goals.

✔ Information about your fitness strengths or areas to improve upon, as well as your risk for injury and tips to prevent or manage it.

✔ Which nutrients to focus on for improved fertility and likelihood of getting pregnant.

✔ Potential detoxification pathway blockages, and any disease risk that may be associated with a lack of hormone metabolism.

What is the financial investment?

Again, your DNA never changes, so the HealthPlus+ test is a one-time investment to reveal the answers to your health questions. Pricing will be determined by the amount of consultation time you will need through a Telehealth visit. Simply contact Carla to discuss your options.


How important did you feel it was to have Carla’s guidance beyond the Nutrigenomix report?

“Carla tweaked the supplements I am currently taking and made suggestions for a new one we would never have guessed I needed without having the genetic testing done. I especially appreciated Carla sharing her genetic information with me. It was helpful to have another person’s results to compare to mine. It made it easier for me to understand my report. Carla simplified the details of the report to the essential information I need to make positive changes in my diet. Carla’s nutritional expertise is a key factor in taking the information from the report and applying it to real-life situations.”

“Carla’s guidance and report gives me a clear understanding of what foods work well with my body—and the necessary steps to achieve better nutrition. While the Nutrigenomix report shows my DNA information in great technical detail, her DNA-based nutrition plan helps me have a clear, easy to understand, and focused path to improving my nutrition.”

“Working with Carla after receiving the Nutrigenomix DNA report was extremely helpful to put the information into practice. Along with reviewing the report’s highlights, she also reviewed and discussed specific dietary supplements that would be helpful and those which would not be as helpful to improve my health and performance. I feel that the report and the time with Carla is essential to having a complete plan to utilize the information to improve my health.”

“Carla’s expertise was very beneficial to me to help with understanding the details on the report and have some steps to move forward with. Depending on your goals, I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary, but for me it was great to have her input and her help to connect some dots! The report does give a lot of details on most levels and does give recommendations.”

“Carla’s guidance is a MUST – she breaks down the “mind blowing” information and transfers it to every day living.”

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