Self-care, designed for you

During this six step class, you will learn what's out of balance in your own life and take the steps to correct them.
Self Assessment
What's out of balance?
Making it happen for mental and physical reset.
Food is your power and could be your weakness.
Coping skills and tools to stay in balance.
Making the human factor a healing one for both of you.
Physical Activity
Realistic plan based on your lifestyle.

If you’re like most caregivers, you shine at what you do and get great reward through your work, but you fail to give proper care, love and support to yourself. As a caregiver, you may fear that you are selfish to think of yourself, however the reality is that you cannot give to others, if your own energy and health is failing.

This 6-step program is designed to not only help you include yourself among those you support, but also to do so without guilt. Your journey through these six steps will, in turn, teach you how your loved ones can be healthier as well.

When does the class start?

The class begins whenever you enroll and is designed to fit any schedule.

How much time will I need to commit?

Each step takes 10—30 minutes to complete and can be done at your own pace.

Who is this class for?

The class is aimed for nurturers and caregivers, looking to improve upon their self-care.

Ready to regain balance?